Aashiqana (Disney+Hotstar) Starring Wiki Story, Release Date and Trailer & More

Aashiqana is a new series launched through Disney Plus Hotstar. The show’s first episode will be broadcast each morning on Hotstar. It’s a romantic thriller show that tells the tale about Love and the love of a lifetime in Laal Rang.
The plot of the show is centered around two hearts wounded by fate who meet through the power of destiny. Recently , the trailer of the show was published through Disney Plus Hotstar in which the central character is an officer from the police force who is working on his task, an infatuated girl and the serial murderer.


The title that the program follows The show’s theme line is Aashiqana and Aaz Badlega Jab Murder Me Mausam Me Barsega. This show was directed by Gul Khan, who is an established producer of Zee TV.

The show features Zain Ibad Khanand Khushi Dubey as lead characters. The web series also features Geeta Tyagi Vipul Deshpande Geeta Bisht Anshul Singh as well as Anshu Srivastava in key roles. Aashiqana will be released on June 6, 2022 through Disney Plus Hotstar.

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Aashiqana star Anurag Vyas shares his favorite actor’s name.

Actor AnuragVyas currently in Gul Khan’s’Aashiqana’ series, has revealed that he is a huge admirer of the renowned actor Tom Cruise.

Actor Anurag Vyas who is currently appearing in Gul Khan’s show Aashiqana has revealed that he is a big admirer of the famous actor Tom Cruise.

Today is his birthday. Anurag declares: ” Tom Cruise has been a source of inspiration for me, and I’m a big time admirer. One of the most important lessons I have learned from him was his level of commitment to his job. While he’s famous and highly successful to the world and the world, he’s known to arrive late to the set, and he is as dedicated as when he began with his professional career.”

“A majority of people are at peace and content after they’ve had some success within their life, however this is not Tom Cruise. There is a lesson to be learned from his experiences to be in search of and remain hungry for what you want. Keep the fire burning when you’re young and fresh in the business Never settle for less than the best.”

Anurag Anurag, who started his acting career in Aap Ke Aa Jane Se and was later featured on screen in Bhakharwadi, Dil Ye Ziddi Hai, Rakshabandhana Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhal and many others who appreciate Tom’s philosophy of “go large and go home’.

He continues: “Cruise however never stopped working, even through those difficult times. His ability to concentrate on his work while ignoring any negative media is admirable. Tom’s focus and consistency has led to his career growth in the last decade. People who are successful like Tom Cruise always have the mindset of ‘go big or else’ this is the reason they’re capable of making it big in the world of entertainment.”

ExCL! Niyati Fatnani in Aashiqana”I was required to wear a large costume for the character I was playing, and it took me about an hour’s time.

Niyati Fatnani appears as a guest part of Gul Khan’s Hotstar show Aashiqana. The actress spoke to Zoom Digital about what made her pick to participate in this show and also what she’d do if she required some work in preparation for her part, and many other things. Watch the interview below.

Its actress Niyati Fatnani is well-known for her performances in the TV series Moh Moh Ke Dhaage and Nazar she is able to please viewers again by appearing in her role in the Hotstar series Aashiqana produced by Gul Khan. As part of the show, she is playing the bride who is delighted about the wedding that she created with her husband she loves.
The actress was talking about her job as a member of Zoom Digital. Zoom Digital and, when asked what preparations she’d had to prepare she replied, “No special preparation as for. Yes, I needed to put on a heavy dress for the role and prepared in approximately an hour. This is because I’m familiar with wearing heavy clothes and performing actions sequences. It was comfortable for me and I enjoyed playing the role. ”

If asked why she was enrolled in the show , she said “The program is an intimate crime-thriller. I received a message from show’s creator that Gul ma’am was interested to host the premiere episode with me. The moment I got the call, I contacted my manager to see if the dates could be arranged.”

She went on to say, “I was really excited to collaborate with Gul ma’am as well as Director Atif Khan sir, as it’s more of a family affair with her after my earlier collaboration with her on Nazar.”

Aashiqanais developed by Gul Khan. It is available via Disney+ Hotstar. Alongside Niyati the show also has Zayn Ibad Khan Khushi Dubey. Geeta Tyagi, Vipul Deshpandey Geeta Bisht Anshul Singh Anshu Srivastava and numerous others.

In the moment, Niyati is also gearing to make an appearance on Star Bharat with the title Channa Mereya and she will also appear with Karan Wahi.

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