Banni Chow The Home Delivery, 13th August 2022 Updated Episode Banni’s Dilemma

Banni is adamant Viraj to leave the room. Viraj ignores her. Banni demands to know why she didn’t hear him. Manini requests everyone to go out of Bannis Room. Viraj will be welcoming Banni to the Rathore mansion, and then leaves. Manini asks Yuvan to clean his teeth. She tells Banni that, as an MIL and woman, she needs to share something with her. She states that Yuvan is just like a kid and doesn’t yet know what marriage and the first night mean, and she should be able to handle the situation in a responsible manner. After Manini quits, Banni feels helpless and is crying for her mother. A sad tune is playing as background music.

Banni Chow The Home Delivery

Manini is trying to soothe Hemant, who is furious. Hemant questions why she backed Imlie He is not able to bear Banni’s stare at his home constantly. She attempts to calm him. He is pushing her. She is shivering in pain. He spots a cut on his hand and tries to find an ointment for her. Mani remembers being injured as she struggled to contain her erratic brother. He puts ointment on the wound and then stitches it. She feels emotional and thinks she’s not mad at Hemant because he’s innocent, but she’s furious at Devraj for having destroyed her family. She decides to retaliate against Devraj.

Banni informs Yuvan that it’s a couple’s room and that no one should go in there. Yuvan insists that he doesn’t even Devraj or Myra and tells him he’ll inform Devraj about the matter. Banni states she is talking about late at night. He says that’s okay. He says let us sleep now. She shuts the door. He lies in mattress and requests her to lie beside him. She is tensely seated on the mattress. Yuvan is curious about what the couple does during the night, and if she doesn’t , he will inquire with Devraj. Banni interrupts him and says let’s play with an item. She chooses her most loved toy Bunty and wants to lie down with it. Yuvan is hesitant and grabs the toy. Banni states that just as the toy, he is unable to separate from his most loved toy. He says that only he has the right to be able to touch as well as sleep on the doll. He is the only one who can do that, and only the toy can be touched by him. He asks her to not get angry again, and then hugs her.

She gets nervous again and informs her husband and wife are the only ones who can share their sorrows and joys in a private room which is why no one can be into their rooms in the evening. Yuvan declares that they are married and are able to share happiness and sadness. He also demands that she rest with him. She says that she has to make a change, and she believes that this isn’t easy for her.

Banni Chow home delivery serial cast, story Channel Director, Producer

Banni Chow Home Delivery serial – While the subject of women’s empowerment has been becoming popular in recent days numerous films and series are being made on the subject. The upcoming TV series Banni Chow Home Delivery is in turn based on this issue.

This brand-new Hindi serial features a unique idea and is placed in the genre of drama and romance due to its captivating storyline. Thanks to the intriguing storyline , which was already evident in the trailer, viewers were fascinated by the show from Episode 1 began.

Banni the Chow home delivery serial cast

The protagonist of Banni is played by Banni will be played by the actress Ulka Gupta. Pravisht Mishra who has recently appeared in the show Barrister Babu will play the male lead in the role of Ulka Gupta.

The other major cast members in the series include Alpesh Dixit, Neelam Gupta Loonkar, Ansh Pandey, Harsh Vashishth as well as Ayush Anand. Of of course, there are others who are part of the show and will be revealed in the course of the story continues.

Banni Chow Home Delivery Story

As previously mentioned the plot of the show Banni Chow Home Delivery is an adaptation of the principal woman character Banni and the empowerment of women. Banni runs her own business of food delivery and delivers food prepared at home for those newly arrived in cities or are looking for home cooking.

Although the primary plot of the story revolves about Banni’s struggle, this story has a romantic tinge to it. The audience is experiencing a fascinating interactions with Banni and the principal female protagonist Yuvan in the series.

Banni Chow Home Delivery Telecast Channel

The show Banni Chow Home Delivery is scheduled to be telecast through Star Plus from 30th May 2022. The show will be available each day for a half hour, excluding Sundays. You can tune into Star Plus from Monday to Saturday at exactly 9 pm to experience this brand new and refreshing show.

If you don’t possess access to Star Plus and yet wishes to watch the show, they could watch this show on OTT service Hotstar. You can stream the show through Disney Plus Hotstar at your most convenient time.

Banni Chow, Home Delivery Producer

This program Banni Chow Home Delivery is produced by Shashi Sumeet Mittal in Shashi Sumeet Productions, the producer house. Shashi Sumeet Productions.

Banni Chow Director of Home Delivery

Jaladh J. Sharma is the director of the series Banni Chow Home Delivery. Star Plus is well known for its dramatic and captivating serials. Banni Chow Home Delivery is one of them, and has already attracted an increasing number of viewers to it. The serial was developed by the creators of the well-known Star Plus serial Diya aur Bati which has managed to keep viewers up to the television screen for a considerable amount of duration.

The storyline of show Banni Chow Home Delivery has been going quite well since the premiere episode. It will be interesting to follow the story with the twists and turns viewers can take in as the story unfolds.

Banni Chow Home Delivery: Rushita Vaidya

Rushita Vaidya who played the part in the role of Preet on Patiala Babes was also approached to play Banni. However, the actress had some personal issues.

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