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Shagun Pandey, and Ashi Singh are the stars of this”Meet,” a primetime drama, will start airing on August 23rd.

Shagun Pandey as well as Ashi Singh star in the”Meet,” a primetime drama, will debut on August 23rd.

Zee TV has been a pioneer in the development of television content in the last three decades. After introducing viewers to a variety of appealing characters that have become the nation’s most sought-after dinner companions, and their compelling stories The channel is set to unveil a brand new narrative which will break down stereotypes of gender. The story will force viewers to question the ages-old notions of what a woman of her age should or should not do. Zee TV’s upcoming primetime drama “Meet” will let viewers experience the adventures of a vibrant young woman from Haryana Meet Meet and who, contrary to popular belief that only sons is a ghar ka and chiraag is the Ghar’s ‘ki’ chiraag to her family. In addition, she is the only breadwinner of the family, she also breaks the societal rules that gender roles are a matter of being a delivery person and in general acting as the “fixer” in every circumstance which a man is typically assumed to perform!

Name Meet
Main Cast Ashi Singh
Shagun Pandey
Genre Drama
Director Vaibhav Vanshraj Singh
Producer Shashi Mittal
Sumeet Mittal
Jitendra Singla
Editor Not Available
DoP Sudesh Kotian
Music Ashish Rego
Project Head Prashant Rathi
Sheetal Somani
Tarlok Singh Ruprai
Creative Producer Shweta Bishnoi
Costume Designer Sheetal Patel
Make-up Artist Mansi Manoj
Production House Shashi Sumeet Productions

Shagun Pandey as well as Ashi Singh are the stars of this”Meet,” a primetime drama, will debut on August 23rd.

Recently it was revealed that the show would feature the popular actress on television, Ashi Singh, in the lead female role on Meet. While fans are eager to witness Ashi in a new look however, there’s more exciting news for viewers. The actor to play the lead male part has also been decided and it’s none other than the beautiful star Shagun Pandey. Additionally, the name of his character is Meet as a character in the series. Meet is a wealthy Haryanvi boy who isn’t too strict with gender roles, and has no problems with women working or helping at home. He does, however, believe that women should dress like a certain way, and it’s men’s job to be the primary caregiver in a family. A man who is as principled as his father. Meet is determined to make to make his mark in the world, yet he still has his own ways of living life to the fullest.

Meet Zee Tv/ Zee5
Meet Zee Tv/ Zee5

In a discussion on his characters and his show Shagun Pandey revealed that ” Meet is a well-written show that challenges gender roles and debunks traditional stereotypes. Through this show, I think we’ll be able to change people’s opinions about what is appropriate and inappropriate for women, and what she should or should not do. In the present, a huge majority of families view the sons of their household as the ghar ka Chirag. Whatever the extent to which women have made it today regarding their accomplishments and achievements, patriarchy is still ingrained in many of us. I’m grateful to be part of an ensemble show in which the notion about gender non-contradiction is embedded in such a way. Contrary to my personal beliefs on the topic my character who is a bit unsure regarding the gender role and other social structures. Although he’s all for women who work in the field of professional but he is still of the opinion that men should be the main breadwinner. He believes that women must dress and look according to a particular style … therefore viewers can be able to watch me traverse a truly fascinating graph on the show regarding the evolution of the way one thinks. I hope that my viewers and viewers are able to shower me with their kindness and love like they have always done and I wish my team and me the very best of luck on this new adventure.”

Meet Serial Wiki Story Cast, Promo Beginning Date and Review

You will find all the details you require regarding Meet Serial Wiki. Meet Serial Wiki podcast: from Wiki information, the cast list, an overview of the episodes and a summary. Learn more here.

Meet is an Hindi language drama Kidney Indian Television diurnal on ZeeTV.The highlight to note is Ashi Singh Shagun Pandey Abha Parmar Vaishnavi Mahant Sharain Khanduja Aashutosh Semwal playing the leading role, and others supporting actors. The television show was created by Shashi Sumeet Mittal.

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The show explores the life of Meet an energetic young male from Haryana who’s the sole breadwinner. She also defies the societal rules of gender roles by working as a delivery person.

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Meet Periodical will go on air on August 23, 2021. This diurnal will air on Monday to Friday , at 730 pm. The first promotional of the diurnal was released on July 19, 2021. This diurnal will become accessible online on Zee5. Zee5 platform.

Meet TV’s Periodical Cast and Places

  • Ashi Singh
  • As-Meet Honda
  • Shagun Pandey
  • As-Meet Ahlawat
  • Abha Parmar
  • As-Amma (Meet Honda’s Grandmother)
  • Vaishnavi Mahant
  • A-Anubha Honda (Meet Honda’s Mommy)
  • Sharain Khanduja
  • As-Manushri HondaAs-Manushri Honda Manu (Meet the Honda Family)
  • Aashutosh Semwal
  • Ahlawat’s friend from As-Meet-Meet.
  • Tamanna Jaiswal
  • As-Isha Ahlawat
  • Preeti Puri Choudhary
  • As-Ragini Ahlawat
  • Riyanka Chanda
  • As-Sunaina
  • Aditya Rao Nuniwall
  • As-Hosiyaar
  • Nisha Rawal
  • As-Mansoom
  • Sonica Handa
  • As-Babita Ahlawat
  • Het Makwana
  • As-Duggu
  • Afzal Khan
  • As-Ram Ahlawat
  • Pratham Kunwar
  • As-Kunal
  • Sooraj Thapar
  • The As-Rajvardhan-Ahlawat (Meet Ahlawat’s father)
  • Meet Serial Wiki Story Cast, Promo, Review, Start-Up Date, Actor Real.Names

Meet Zee TV serial Wiki/Wikipedia/Review:

Meet is the next TV series on Zee TV. It will present the most recent plot line on the channel.

The Meet serial will feature gorgeous actress Ashi Singh in the lead role . She will return to the screen after her hit show, Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai.

The story of Meet serial will be based on the idea of male dominance within society as well as the patriarchal beliefs of the population.

The trailer (trailer) for Meet showcases the Jagrata scene in which an elderly man is heard calling out to a person as the power goes out. Like everyone else, we expect that a man will show up but then Meet appears in a chic model and fixes the issue and also gets power back.

Meet (Ashi Singh) is that chic tomboy persona who fixes the power cut issue that surprises everyone.

Release date of the Meet serial (starting date) has not been announced yet however it is expected to be in the year 2021.

In this article, we will be providing information on the whole Cast and Crew, as well as the upcoming story, the most recent gossips, news spoilers and future twists and turns of Meet. Meet serial.

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